1st Wedding Anniversary: Lenka & Marek

Weddings are my favourite type of events. They bring people together to celebrate a milestone of a friend or a family member. On this day all you must do is eat, drink and be merry (who needs Xmas?). I am dangerously close to the age when my friends will start getting married (right, brother?) but till then, I will enjoy the beautiful memories from a … Continue reading 1st Wedding Anniversary: Lenka & Marek

The Gains & Pains of Freelancing

Freelancing is fun! Is gives you freedom, flexibility but is also awfully exhausting. With the boom of flexible working patterns, freelancing is a massive trend now. It provides a colourful alternative to the typical 9 to 5 day. Here is what I know and wish I knew when I landed my first freelance job.  Trying out freelance was a gamble. I has the ideal of … Continue reading The Gains & Pains of Freelancing

PRIDE 2018

Love is love and nothing in the world can change it.  Being a part of a pulsing crowd is transformational. Everybody smiling, everybody sharing their happiness, everybody welcoming everyone. At Pride, love is all that matters, regardless of colours, genders, ages or anything else. Although many say ‘yes, I support same-sex relationships’, when it comes to action, some tend to shut up and stay silent. … Continue reading PRIDE 2018

Print! Tearing it up (exhibition review)

It can change lives, it can re-write history, it can capture a story, it can inspire and let free. It can be torn into pieces and taped back together. One thing print cannot do is to be forgotten. Print has played a key role in the communication world for centuries and the Somerset House is only one of the many institutions who are determined to … Continue reading Print! Tearing it up (exhibition review)