London postcard: Calm and peaceful time

 IMG_1254London is full of excitement, it has so much to offer and never runs out of alternatives of what to do. In December, I decided to avoid the main shopping malls and discovered the less known places of the British capital. One of the most important places I visited on the day was the Saatchi Gallery. It has a very inspiring and mind-opening environment which always makes me find out more about art.


I got off the bus at Earl’s Court and suddenly my imagination flew away as I wondered through the lonely streets of Chelsea, admiring the beauty of luxurious Christmas decorations. The King’s Road was unexpectedly empty, in terms of Christmas windows as well as obsessed shoppers. Neither, could I see many mummies in their joggings enjoying their morning coffee in one of many local cafeterias. More of which soon.

Surprisingly, the place where I experienced a high concentration of posh ladies, was the Chelsea town hall. This was the first time when I witnessed a Karen Millen’s sample sale. On my arrival, I was given a huge plastic bag (the one we use at home for rubbish) and a middle-aged lady handed me a straightforward price list. I must have missed her short-lasting smile and so without further hesitation I jumped straight into the fashion heaven.

Each size and style was displayed in a particular section of the room with shoes standing around on the tables by the windows. Although I felt like in a dream, I soon realised that I was significantly below the average age, so I quietly departed into a corner and then quickly disappeared.

When I was leaving the town Hall, my hands were instead of yellow and blue shopping bags, full of super-sugary pecan bun and a delicious cup of coffee from a café just around the corner. I said goodbye to the KM and wondered down towards the Sloane Square. Suddenly, I found myself in front of the Saatchi Gallery. I asked myself, why not to pop inside, to see what is new in the world of modern art? So I did.

I was welcomed by a lovely young lady who offered me to use a bin (to dispose the leftovers of my bun) and described the way were the exhibition was taking place. I started on the left and my mind got blown away as soon as I entered the room. I admired the prints, sculptures and installations of human body parts promitanych on a string of beige macs.

I was very fascinated by the behaviour of the kiddies running around and did not resist to take a picture of them. The innocent as well as curious look of one of the school girls shows the children’s curiosity and excitement they were experiencing there.


I left the future talents-to-be and set off for the Battersea park. Quite frankly, nothing hire gave me the impression of the beautiful Christmas atmosphere. I was instead faced with the cruel reality, that England was not made for winter and therefore, even in the middle of December, it will always look like autumn, which is good, it just needs some getting used to.


Playing with the colours, I decided to voluntarily commit a suicide and visit the highly avoidable place –the tourists’ centre (for the lesser know, to check out the Houses of Parliament, the Big Ben, and the London Eye). I was faced with a huge surprise, there was no one! I grabbed my camera and tried to capture every part of this unusual view with all the sights easy to photograph and free of tourists ruining your snaps. It was a blast!

And that was it. The last stop was the Borough Market, because it simply is a must! Fuelled with delicious vegetarian Turkish dish, I set of for home, full of nostalgia brought to me by walking across the London Bridge, which I used to take 5times a week. Old sweet memories.

On the way back I saw the astonishing Alexander’s Bridge and that was the last view of the Christmas London. I hope that all of you have some kind of city, which you sometimes visit because it brings you joy and happiness. That is the exact reason why I love London.

With London Love.

Gabrielle x


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