Villa Tugendhat: UNESCO Heritage in the Czech Republic

How to get over the winter blues? Make a trip to Brno!

IMG_1407Villa Tugendhat is one of the most popular and best known places in the Czech Republic. It belongs to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and can be easily admired from the inside as well as the outside. I spent this year’s holiday in the city where it was built, Brno, and decided to explore more about the Villa in greater depth, from the garden.


Visiting the house can be difficult since it is recommended to book 2 months in advance. I decided to buy a 50CZK (approx. €2) ticket to visit the garden. Thanks to the large windows which are retractable to the wall, it was also easy to see the most dominant part of the house, the living room.

The open-space room is divided into sections by various furniture and, most importantly, by a large onyx wall. This wall is absolutely spectacular, especially during a sunset when it shines red or blood orange. Considering we were there at around lunchtime, we decided not to wait.


In front of the wall there are elegantly placed Barcelona chairs designed by the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Regardless of their perfect looks, I can guarantee you that it would be one of the least comfortable chairs you have ever sat on. Luckily for the visitors, sitting on it is not allowed.

IMG_1410Taking a tour around the house, I noticed a couple of cleverly hidden details on the building. The columns which go through the whole house, from the very bottom to the very top, have the same shape everywhere around the house, nevertheless, the finish varies, in and outside the house. We also saw unusual door handles, one of the plenty of examples which add a sense of luxury to the Villa.

During our visit, we could not avoid admiring the equally gorgeous views from the garden which complete the perfect look of the house. We felt like Greta Tugendhat’s daughters, thinking of how we slowly walk in the garden, have a long conversation and discuss what to have for dinner. Suddenly we saw a smelly astray lying on the window. This experience took us back to reality and made us realize that we no longer live in 1930s.


Although the time has changed, the Villa Tugendhat is still the same; unique, one-of-a-kind and preserving the heritage of the Modern architecture for future generations. And we should remember to appreciate these cultural landmarks and treat them with respect. We can learn a lot from our past, let us not forget about it!



Love from Brno,


Gabrielle x


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