3 best coffee places in Bath

Whether you are thinking of what to do at the weekends, or just need a break between your revision, here are some of the nicest places in the historical Bath, and they are pretty quirky.


Call me a foodie but the best places you can visit in a new city are the ones where you can sit down and enjoy a bite and a drink. Such places can be found on nearly every corner in Bath but only the best ones are worth coming back to.

Stop number one: Jacob’s coffee house. It is right by the Abbey so it is almost impossible to miss it. In this coffee heaven they serve the best cakes in town so you would be fool to pass on by without popping in. Home and freshly made everyday, Jacob’s serves the yummiest treats you can think of, all extremely unusual and superbly delicious.

If you are a fan of an American cuisine, have a look at the Boston Tea Party. This place has its peak hour all Sunday long, when they serve traditional English breakfast or any other sort of brunch. Add a healthy smoothie or my favourite Chai tea and wind down in the middle of a pretty little square, hidden away from the buzz of the city centre.

Tea Party is situated around a beautiful square with a handful of other eating places as well as a regular farmers’ market.


And where to finish off after a long day in Bath? Without a question head down (actually up quite a few stairs) to the Cosy Club! And get yourself cosy with a special cocktail and a traditional game stew. Next stop? Cosy bed.



With Lots of Bath love,

Gabrielle x

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