Wardrobe update: How to style an oversized jacket

Some people think that oversized clothes is only made for super skinny and petite figures. Well I’m neither of these and I can still pull it off.


I love super XL sizes, they feel great on! And the best thing is that they always look great and are damn easy to wear.


So, if your shoulders seem to wide or you waste not narrow enough, just play around with the accessories and make sure it’s all fun.


Wrap up with a nice, warm scarf and tie a belt around your waist. You will get this beautiful silhouette with perfect proportions as well as a guaranteed attention of everybody passing by.

And if you get bored of this look, just add something else. My personal favourite is a vintage brooch. But also a nice fluffy handbag works really well.


And to add a sense a colour, get a nice pairs of heels, gloves or an awesome hat.


Whatever you end up wearing, remember that as long as you feel good, you look good. And therefore feel great and look amazing.


With lots of fashion love,

Gabrielle xx


P.S. With many thanks for these beautiful pictures to @Vita Malina. http://www.malinaphoto.cz


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