Remain proactive and challenge yourself every day

Some people might find it annoying and have heard it a billion times but being persistent actually pays off.


How to achieve this and see that working hard allows you to play hard and makes you feel bloody good about yourself?


Visualise your goals and stick to them. Do not be afraid to take different routes in achieving them than previously planned but no matter what, do try hard to achieve what you want become only then you can succeed. And isn’t that what we all want?


One can say that trying to succeed is hard. Extremely hard. And it is true.

I know what I am talking about. Especially now, at this time of the year, when every single day I have an exam on or have to go to work. And what? No need to feel sorry, that is the way I wanted it and it feels great.

But, besides all that work, I must not forget what my true dream is. I must always chase my dream which can sometimes be hard, though it is certainly not impossible!


My true dream is to be creative. You might think that people are or are not born that way, but I do not believe in that. One must try and awaken the creativity (deep) inside him.

If the people around are not artistic and are just happy with being a part of the crowd, then fine, but that is not going to get you anywhere. If you meet someone who is proactive, energetic and aims for the best, you want to be like them.

It is important to have someone who always wants you to be the best. But what if have not met such a person yet?


Does that really matter? You will not always have someone standing by your side, telling you how unique you are. You must remind yourself of this everyday! And the easiest way to achieve this is by showing it – to the world and, more importantly, to yourself!

Put it on your walls, draw it in your sketchbook, write it down it in your diary! Anything, just so you never forget that you are the only one of a kind and that is what makes you special!


Appreciate every single skill and talent of yours and never forget that this skill-set is unique to yourself and nobody else can compare them with you.

Alongside yourself, do not forget about others; maybe the ones in need, maybe the ones who you miss. Put them out there and show that you think about them everyday. It might not make a difference to them just yet, but hopefully one day it will. A single though can make a huge difference. When You Believe!


Stay true to yourself and learn how to appreciate things. That is the only  way how you will always try harder to be a better you!

Let’s start today! Put a picture on your wall and think: this is who I want to be/ what I want to achieve. And sooner thank you think, your wall will be cover by your goals and achievements.

Because You Are Special!  Let’s just not forget it!


With lots of creative love,

Gabrielle x


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