Starbucks On Tour alias Portfolio Meets Cappuccino

Today is a big day. I will finally get to meet the board of experts and show them who I really am. At least on paper, but not just like a plain piece of paper with a bunch of names, dates and figures on it. Today it is the real me and who I want to be. This is it, me as an artist, designer, traveller and last but not least, a manager. Let them see what I have to say.


I started the day off with some Starbucks. If I want to live in London, I better adjust to the cosmopolitan lifestyle sooner rather than later.


With my energy levels set up quite high, where else to get transferred into the world of fashion (the most common and ordinary way of design experienced by all of us every day) other than in the Oxford Street.


Walking down the Regent Street, popping into the most beautiful and iconic Burberry store, I got transported into heaven. It is a place full of staircases and every time I am there, I explore a new corner, an undiscovered area full of new surprises. IMG_2503

First when I saw the clothes, bags and scarfs, my mind got blown away by the use of materials and colours.


It felt like if Christopher Bailey was just reading my mind (I do not dare to classify myself as a Burberry shopper but I would like to associate my fashion views with this brand). The palette he used for this season is “spot-on”.



Be it the pastel colours, blending from the peas’ green, the lightest sky blue, Barbie pink to beige and mushroom (apologies to Dior and Ralph Lauren, but Burberry comes first) or from the dark emerald green (the colour no. 1), ocean blue, burgundy red to the smoothest black.



All of these colours seem to be melting into each other although they all were displayed separately on each coat made from the same or even a different material.



Most coats were representing the same: structure, fit and shape (just as you would expect from a mac) but most importantly, the British heritage. Nevertheless, some of them were a bit more rebellious. Especially the amazing lacy ones with their rich, floral, tone-in-tone patterns, or the A-shaped ones lacking belts and contradicting the standard shape of a Burberry trench coat.


Updated on the latest shop windows in the Bond Street (LV – dying to meet your VMs, Hermes, Chanel, PRADA, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent) I walked down to tick the touristic bits off the list (hello, Buckingham, are you with me, Harry?!), and grabbed a typical Pret-a-manger sandwich on the way to the Welcome gallery.


Being asked for directions nearby the Ritz Hotel, I started to feel like a proper Londoner, but the most important part of my day was yet to come. It was time to present my portfolio. As I was sitting on the bus to the Elephant & Castle, my hands were shaking, my voice was leaving me and my throat was getting drier with every swallow…


My future was in their hands. Cannot wait to meet the heads of the creative community in LCC! Wish me luck!IMG_2534IMG_2535


With lots of designer’s love,


Gabrielle x



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