Be Cool, Be True, Be You.

Nowadays, it is hard to know what you really want and who you really are. We have so many options to choose from that it might seem easier just to give up and let the destiny work everything out for us. Nonetheless, however impossible it might seem, it is always better to stay true to yourself, believe in your own set of rights, not to let anyone or anything change you and fight for your future. That is the only way to be self-satisfied.


Talking from my own experience, I get bored easily. After a while of seeing the same thing, doing the same activities, I need to make a change. I never complain though. People say they are bored. Well, then go and do something about it! You are the only one who you can blame for the nature of your life.


When I lived in the Czech Republic, I wanted more. I completed college in the UK, looked for a challenge. Worked in London for a year, dreamed of getting a degree. Was dissatisfied with my course, applied to the University of Arts. If I get rejected? I am ready to fight for it! There’s no stopping me in achieving what I really want. It just needs time.


People who know me would probably use the word impatient to describe who I am. And they would be right. Nonetheless, things often change. People change. I am not an exception, nor am I exceptional. Life is hard and you have to fight your way through it. That can actually be quite entertaining!


Not always is life a great fun and full of adventure, but it can still be amazing. If you try hard enough, you can achieve some outstanding goals, which others will congratulate you for but, most importantly, they will make you feel proud and good about yourself.


If you do not try (hard enough) you will never explore the real side of life. The pain of loosing and the pleasure of winning. And if you will be the one setting the rules, others will just play along and one day, before the game is over, you will pull off and show the world who has the strongest position in the game and whose words can change the way the world operates today.


You can walk the streets with your head held high and nobody will give you the weird look because they will know, they will sense that you have achieved something big and admire you for it. Remember, you are the only one who knows whether what you are doing is right or wrong. And only you have the power to make yourself a better man.


Stay focused, stay confident and be yourself.

With lost of inspirational love,

Gabrielle X

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