London, I love You. Solo-traveler’s guide.

What a more typical picture of London than a telephone box. It has been captured so many times that one would nearly get bored of it but still – we all love it. No matter what, the “red little house” will always be the number one motif for all British postcards! But there is so much more to love about London (obviously) and I just cannot get enough!


Advertising! Really? Would you really put your propaganda on some dirty, mostly forgotten stairs? And why not! It can only be read from a certain spot and so if you find a lot of people gathering in front of some stairs, twisting their heads in the weirdest angles, they are not probably looking at your perfect figure but at the signs that you are standing on top of (sorry!). IMG_2472

“I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike”. Yes, we all do! Well, all Londoners do, at least! (Damn the bloody Bathwick Hill!) and so you can find a bike-repair shops on almost every corner in London.IMG_2481

I need accessories! I need shoes, I need vintage clothes! And I want it now! Well, if it is Thursday, off you go to the Old Spitalfields’ Market and bargain and bargain and bargain! But watch out, some stallholders do not allow photographs! You just have to buy a piece of memory yourself: Top tip: silk scarf can be bought for less than £40 (starting at £80 or more).

In the mood for some more marketing (not the office one, the fun one)? Not far aways is the Smithfield Market opened every working day from 2. Fancy some fresh meat or a loving the old buildings? This is the place to be. Recommendation: Vegetarians, stay away from here, lovers of architecture welcome at all times!

Okay, let’s get traditional here! Tel. Boxes, Double-deckers. Wait, there is number one there! Yahoo, you cannot see it but it is a number one! To Canada Water, I believe! 🙂 And a long selection of all things red. How typical with the Chinese New Year’s approaching this Monday! (Red symbolises happiness in Chinese cultural, so London is obviously a very happy city)

London is full of surprises. No matter where you are, you will always find some unique and picturesque places, be it The Royal Courts of Justice, empty streets of London or traditional English pubs.

As the sun goes down, it is time to enjoy the moment when the artificial lights are picking up. And that is one of the most beautiful experience you can get anywhere in the world! Simply lovable. At that time, the view through the Admiralty Arch or the insight look in the Institute of Contemporary Arts are pretty special. Also, the Somerset House, left alone after the Fashion Week’s relocation, offers a spectacular view (in and outside the complex).

And that is it! Finished of with a cup of warming coffee and a last snap from the City of Westminster, a whole day spent in London rounded up in a few pictures.

Visitors feel free to get in touch! 😉

With lots of traveler’s love,


Gabrielle x

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