TOP 8 Tips On How to Make Your Life More Beautiful

It happened to me recently that I somehow forgot how to appreciate my life. I have no reason to complain. I love my family, I can rely on my friends, always have good laughs and fun with them but still I felt like I was missing something. I had to make a change to my life, actually a couple of changes, after which I felt great! 🙂 Free of worries, problems and bad thoughts, full of positive energy, smile and happiness.

Here is how to make your life a happy one!


  1. declutter, get rid of, throw away: sometimes you get to the point when you realise how much stuff you have and how little of it you actually need. In order to sort your things out, divide the room into sections (wardrobe, table, cupboards, drawers, …), take all the things out and when putting them back in, decide which ones you are going to use in the next week and which would be better in a charity shop or on eBay.


  2. create a relaxing corner: having said to throw things away, keep the ones that make you happy. So for example decorate some of your nail varnishes, favourite accessories, perfume bottles, birthday cards and postcards in a “lonely” corner and every time you look at these little things they will make you smile.


  3. do the things you have always wanted to do: we all have these amazing experiences on our minds which we all want to get but when it comes to planning, things get a bit stiff. So now is the time to stop making excuses and start organising your next fantastic trip! Come on, summer will be here soon and you ought to enjoy something new!


  4. buy fresh flowers: the easiest way how to have a constant reminder of how beautiful life is right in front of you! Fresh flowers look gorgeous, smell amazing and are simply loveable. So head down to the nearest flower shop and make sure that you have an instant splash of colour and scent always around you. (Tip for Londoners: on Sunday head down to the Columbia Road Market.)


  5. read a book, draw a picture, play an instrument: what an easy way to forget about all your worries and focus only on the beautiful aspects of your life. Get creative and let the world fly by. You do not need to share your work with anybody, you only do it for yourself. Or let somebody else’s work transfer you to another world and enjoy reading some yellow pages in the shadow of a park.


  6. go for a walk or a run, ride a bike, jump on the bus or train: working out is an obvious option of how to make your life as well as your body more beautiful! Do something fun to ensure you are still happy at the end of the session. The best thing to do is to travel somewhere new, undiscovered or to a favourite place with fresh supplies of cakes/ flowers/ clothes etc. so you stay motivated throughout your journey.


  7. enjoy the simplest pleasure of life: food, oh yes. I can guarantee you that food, sweet or savoury, will certainly make every single person in the world feeling more satisfied and (ful)filled. If you have time, enjoy preparing and consuming your own, if you feel like it, go for a meal with your friends and mates.


  8. spend more time with the loved ones: simple and easy, just surround yourself with the people you love and who you enjoy spending time with. Fun and pleasure!


With lots of beautiful love,


Gabrielle xx


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