Go and Tate Yourself! Falling In Love on the 10th floor.

Stunning, breath-taking and adorable, that is my way of describing the newly opened extension of Tate Modern! I have loved the old building, too, however, the brand new one is definitely worth the infidelity.

Tate will surprise you with all its modern art which is for me almost impossible to get. As one kind lady once explained to me though, it is all about the interpretation. Think what you want, feel what you like, modern art is all about the story behind it and you can be its co-creator.

Where else can you see a huge pink cube and call it art? Only in London! That is the mecca of modern art, people here know how to appreciate anything, even the silliest thing ever. be sure, anything strange you see in England CAN be called “Art”.

The most impressive part of the building is definitely on its top! Well at least on the top = 10th floor where is a struggle to get to (take is as a free artistic workout!).

If you have not fallen in love with London yet, now you certainly will!


More on the Tate Britain in my future post! 🙂

Happy “tating”!

Gabrielle xx


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