Go and Tate Yourself, vol.2! Welcome to (Tate) Britain…

Coming to London, you should always make a stop in one of the plenty of free galleries across the city. My most favourite? Definitely the Tates – Modern as well as Britain!

You can visit them both in one day, ideally connecting via a boat, be certain you will only see a very small part of what these galleries have to offer but that is only one of the many reason why to keep coming back.

First, I entered the beautiful palace of The Tate Britain which is famous for its art collection from the 15th century up to now! The most photogenic part is without doubt the entrance hall with its beautiful monochromic staircase. See more on my Instagram @designertravels

You will find many examples of the traditional artworks in Tate Britain but you may as well discover some unexpected modern-age paintings and installations full of colour.

Next to the modern art there are also more traditional sculptures from Henry Moore… and there are loads! Just watch out for the sexy female curves.

Tired of staring at all that beauty? Get your other senses to work and admire the ancient dancers who seem to perform here all day long. Sometimes you will not even hear the music which will allow you to use your own imagination to think what it might sound like.

Last but not least are the rooms full of “super prints”. I could literally spend hours and hours here and always find a new piece which I would fall in love with. Nevertheless, time is money, the only difference is that you do not spend a single penny for gazing around these rooms for unlimited hours so why not to carry on…

And when you feel like you have finally seen enough, now is the right time to move on, say good-bye to the old but yet modern Tate Britain and work you way through to the fantastic Tate Modern. More on which in my previous post!


Find more details on http://www.tate.org.uk/visit/tate-britain

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