Scare away winter, remember the summer!

The autumn is slowly knocking on the door and therefore I light up a candle, make myself a cup of tee, let the cat rest in my lap (in case I had one) and start recalling the summer months! It takes me back to the hot weather, sandy beaches and warm evenings. Before I know it I am swimming in the beautiful see, inhaling the sunny paradise with every breath I take.

Enjoying the sunset is one of the many benefits a summer holiday at the seaside has. I love the way the sea and the sky changes colours at the end of every day, the evenings are warm and perfect to just sit on the beach with a glass of Aperol Spritz or maybe do some sun salutations to fully enjoy the calmness of the evening.

A holiday by the seaside is not all about the evenings, it is mainly about the days during which one can get a glorious tan or a ridiculous sun-burn. The are we visited, called Vodice, had luckily many other attractions to offer and therefore we did not hesitate to explore the area in greater depth.

Not far from the marvellous city centre of Vodice is is located the National Park Kornati. Swimming in one of the saltiest lakes in the area feels like entering a real paradise.

Another highly recommended stop would be the city Šibenik. With no overly high expectations we entered this place only to find out how wrong we were not expecting much from here. A system of tiny little paths and corridors, super easy to get lost in, has blown our minds away.  Šibenik is simply beautiful… And you often bump into the same people over and over again 😉

Also, you must stop for one of the local restaurants and enjoy something traditionally mediterranean. A risotto was an obvious option for me… Besides, we found a place with super cute staff! Delicious 😉

And then just keep on browsing, getting lost and finding your way out again…

This place, UNESCO I believe, could easily win the competition of the most photogenic city in Croatia! And maybe it even did…

And after many long wonderful days, it was time to say goodbye… No more delicious ice-cream, no more super-hot temperatures but what was left were all those unforgettable memories of how wonderful life can and always SHOULD be…

Cheers to all those summer reads, sunny beaches and lazy thoughts…

And what are your sweetest summer memories??



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