Why do I blog and what is about to change?

As the time changed this weekend, I decided to make some major changes to my blog, too. Making changes is a difficult process. Adapting to new habits, such as going vegetarian or attending a 6am yoga class, asks for a lot of time and determination. If you do not see animals being unreasonably killed or your inner self getting exhausted, it might be easy to forget the reasons why. It is the same with writing a blog, it requires high level of commitment and constant remembrance of the reasons why are you doing this. So what is the reason behind my remake?

I blog because I want to share my love for all things beautiful, tangible and intangible. I love sharing my experience and hope to inspire people with mutual interests (who might not live in the same place, yet can admire what I see and vice versa). I need to stick to a routine, otherwise I will go crazy and the blog will become a mess, without regularity I cannot cope (anyone identifies with this?). So, here is my new approach to my blog.

Ever since I started blogging I have been posting  about whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. That is about to change. Ever since I moved to London, baby, and started my new university course, I have had the opportunity to attend various events, talks and exhibitions and met interesting people from all sorts of backgrounds. My plan is as follows:

On Wednesday, I will publish a post about an inspirational person from the creative industry. It can be a guest speaker at my college, a respondent on the radio or an a business wo/man. The aim is to encourage everyone to pursue their dreams, be creative and follow their passions through seeing what is possible and what others have achieved.

On Sunday, I will be writing about my true love – exploration. It can be of myself, hidden London gems (read markets, galleries, shows, …), interesting places around Europe (sadly my budget does not allow me to physically travel any further), lifestyle advice and more.

On Friday, during semester time, there will be the CTS (contextual and theoretical studies) post which summarises what we do at uni. I take pictures by myself (unless stated otherwise), so hope you will like those as well.

Enough said, let’s enter the next stage of blogging now and say goodbye to my last Monday blog post!


Happy (Mon)day x

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