CTS: Tate Modern and Philippe Parreno come together through “Anywhen”.

The Tate Modern’s seemingly never-ending corridor provides a place to sit, relax and observe. Philippe Parreno takes an advantage of this setting by placing his evolving installation Anywhen here composed of various objects, sounds, lights and videos which all simultaneously interact with each other. By visiting the Hyundai Turbine Hall commission, you enter an undiscovered world of media, magic and mystery.

Born in France, Parreno developed an interest in experimenting with different channels (film, sound, light) and learnt how to connect them through the latest technology. In his work, we can find some repetitive patterns, such as the inflatable balloons, as seen at the Centre Pompidou in 2009, like the fish-shaped ones floating in Tate. Similarly, his Marquee is a frequently re-occurring feature, a set of white screens often capturing unique videos, such as Z. Zidane at Anywhere.

Described by TateShots (2016) as the installation which explores the “time and space”, it highlights how people can use this space as a park, interacting unknowingly with their surroundings. The lab at the back of the hall collects data and sends information to all the exhibition objects to always produce a new sequence of actions. As the light panels installed alongside the Turbine Hall start flashing, the white screens begin to descend, after which a movie is projected on one or more of them, with noises popping up from everywhere. The lack of colour represents the high-tech level of this installation which focuses more on the physical experience rather than the visual aspect.

At Parreno’s Anywhen, visitors can always (up until 2 April 2017) discover something new. As per Andrea Lissoni, Tate Modern’s Senior Curator, they let the artist “play this new instrument of the Turbine Hall” and he set up a spectacular concert where no two shows are ever the same.




Reuters, 2016, Tate Modern fills Turbine Hall with floating fish for new exhibition [Online]. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXvDt578E-c [Accessed on: 8/11/2016]

TateShots, 2016, Philippe Parreno – ‘It’s a Half-Mechanic, Half-Organic Machine’ [Online]. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvpZ8HCLTCU [Accessed 8/11/2016]


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