Happy Friendsgiving

It seems nostalgic, soppy and grim but friends are a beautiful thing which makes the world turn round. One such a friend crossed my way more than a year ago and somehow became very close to my heart. What an unexpected thing to happen…

Crazy, funny, strange and silly. Me or her? Both I think. Thanks to her never-ending obsession with photography (nothing to do with the Asian roots, eh? :P) she has been capturing every single summer experiences we had together!

As the cold starts kicking in, it is nice to recall what the hot months felt like and who were they spent with. There is nothing better than mutual understanding leading up to many hysterical laughs.

Party, travel, adventure… Friendship will never go out of fashion and therefore nourish it, treat it with respect, water it with tears and spread it across the world!

Think about you loved one and say thank you for the friendship you have.

Happy friendsgiving!




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