The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist

Hey Santa,

so it is time to share some little inspiration with the desperate sounds who have some lovely girls in their family and do not know what to get her in order to make her adore them! Well, no matter how personal this might seem (wink wink ;)), I put down some of my absolute favourites and hope you will feels inspired and shoot of shopping right after reading this post. All the links are listed below.


So, the first and totally necessary/ loveable are:

Floral Headphones

white-floral-print-earphonesAren’t these simply wonderful? I do not know how but I keep ripping all my earphones apart. However, since I love everything floral, I promise these would last me a long time!!! Such a perfect gift for any girlie-girl, I bet!   (These are from NEW LOOK, but any pretty florals will do)

Diffuser, candles, body milk, perfume 

vrdha_xs16_1_lI am certain that any girls would fall in love with any of these lovely products below. They look nice, they smell heaven and the best part is that you can re-use the jars for some little necessities once Xmas is over and then wait patiently for birthday to receive some new scents.

Portable charger 

The less romantic this wish is, the more practical is seems. Yes, portable charger is a contemporary-home-electronicsmust! I madeb266761df2cbb864737ee02f48ea3c3f 2 seasons without it and I am done! I NEED THIS! As everybody else dependent on their iPhone as much as me does too!

Ok, my dear Santa, that is it for now. Hope this inspiration helps.

Looking forward to hearing back from you and thank you so much.

Lots of love,

Gaby x





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