CTS: On Culture

Culture is all around us and although we might not see it, it shapes all of us. It is not about the theatre or concert you go to. Culture describes the way you feel, you act, and the way you influence your environment.

Having studied culture from a theoretical point of view, I realised that self-expression is only a part of becoming a part of a community. And once in a team, everybody follows the same set of rules and fights against the same prejudices.

As a university student, one might think I represent a certain group with a typical way of thinking, dressing and acting. However, every single one of us is different. We all want to stand out, yet to belong to something bigger. We fight for our freedom by all the actions we take: you sit, you smoke, you drink a coffee in your unique way. Yet, by doing the same, we all participate in the same culture.

Regardless of walking slow or fast, taking the tube or the bus, using Apple or Samsung, the students will still sit in the same library, using the same resources, with a break for lunch in the same canteen.

The one thing we will always fight for in all cultures is love. Crazy or sensible, there will always be a relationship between some members of one or another. Love is a way to bring different cultures together and to overcome challenges. Cultures can overlap, intersect or grow apart, but no matter what, there will always be a group of people who believe in the same set of values and act in a similar manner.

Culture influences us every day, yet we are not scared of becoming a part of it by adapting and modifying it. Culture is beauty and as such we must preserve it and treat it with respect.

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