The Perfect Floral Decoration for the Festive Season

A day before the Czech Xmas kicks off, the preparations are in a full swing. With the tree decorated, the fish filleted, and the candles lit up around the house, the time came to flowers! Read a little inspiration about what to get to create the perfect home.


As at every beginning of a beautiful season, I decided to visit the local flower shop this winter. And I was spoiled by choice. Tulips, daisies, lilies, the list goes on. But the one plant that must not miss on any Xmas table is amaryllis.

I chose both, the innocent white and the festive red, decorated with natural pines and either golden or silver branches. Staying true to the rule: There is beauty is in simplicity.


Secondly, I agreed with the lovely florist, that flowers are also the most beautiful present for every lady of the house. Thus we picked five of the most wonderful and fullest white roses which, transformed with a few golden branches into an adorable bouquet, created a highly-desirable Christmas gift suitable for anyone.


The flowers were distributed around the flat, waiting for our loved ones to be collected by. All those beauties go perfectly with any Christmas tree, I decided to decorate ours accordingly with the flowers, covering it in golden balls.


Ready for Santa, our home is spreading love and joy through the delicate scents and colours. On shelves, tables, and by the door step, the flowers are ensuring that this Christmas will be a Merry one.

fullsizeoutput_45daJust in time for the big night and day, joy and happiness are all around. And that is not all down only to flowers…

Wishing you all a very happy Xmas.

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