The Elegant NYE Outfit

Looking ahead to the new year, I have answered the two bothering questions: what to do with all the wonderful Xmas gifts and what to wear on the last day of 2016. Here is the ultimate outfit that solves both and will get you through to the next year. Make it a great one!


I spent the last week at home, thinking about what to wear on NYE. I was deciding between skin-tight jeans with a silk blouse, sexy leggings with an oversized top or a girlie dress. The closest to the finish line came, however, an A-shaped skirt with a high-collared school shirt, completed with a Hugo Boss coat in a heavenly cream colour.


The Christmas is over and now is time to show of what you have been given (not only  the additional kilos). Throw on/ spray/ decorate all the unwrapped gifts and go out and shine. What better time to do so than on the New Year’s?



Swollen by the irresistible winter sale, I found this Hugo Boss overcoat which brings a dash of colour to my (typically) navy & black outfits. Another cheat how to energise an otherwise boring outfit is by introducing a statement piece. In this case I chose a vintage necklace.


Pairing a navy high-waisted skirt from H&M with a Pimkie see-through sleeveless shirt I have fallen in love with this outfit so much, that I have been wearing it in various alternations every since I created it.


Add a pair of patent flats, glitter heels, tailer blazer, leather jacket, silk scarf or whatever else you have in your closet and you are sorted! This navy combo will never have you walk down the streets unnoticed and that applies not only to the New Year’s Eve but to many eves to come.


Have an incredible NYE and a successful year 2017!

Best wishes.

Gabrielle x

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