bLA bLA Land…The Female Film’s Review

La La Land was released on Friday the 13th. Lucky day for all the musical lovers, less so for all the movie fanatics. Further less so for someone who goes to the cinema once a year and expects something mind-blowing.

A romantic drama about the jazz era that captures the struggles of an everyday artist. Sadly, it fails to make you want to watch the movie for an infinite amount of times.

An adorable love story set around the slowly dying jazz scene, which this film works so hard on to preserve, captures the struggle of two artists who seem to strongly believe in pursuing their dream careers. Jumping on the cars, flying in the starry sky, dancing by the sunset, anything is possible in Hollywood. Yet, contrasting with the glamorous location, the actors are very relatable through their average skills in both, dancing and singing.

As they work towards achieving their visions, there is one thing missing. The broken heart, which gains a whole next dimension in La La Land.

You finish watching the movie, frozen to your seat, thinking: “Is that it?”. Starring at the screen, replaying the jazz tunes, you are tempted to watch it again. However, once you accept the ending, there is nothing left to look forward to.

The film appreciates jazz (say goodbye to Louis Armstrong though) and makes you want the good old days of classy pool parties and bright-coloured dresses to come back.

Although you might pursue a new diet (how the hell can Emma Stone be so skinny?) and search for/ appreciate your perfect boyfriend (hi, Ryan!), you will soon reach over to P.S.I love you on a rainy Sunday.

Thank you US for producing another romance, congratulations on ruining the cliché that surrounds it. Please, try again, because we are not ready to give up our girls’ dreams.


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