Crazy About Colour

Observing the colours around us is not only beneficial in terms of recognising beauty but also to admiring what we create as human beings. Simple or complicated, colours are here to guide us through the world of layers, shapes and structures.

Exploring my neighbourhood through colours, I have collected several leaflets advertising some local events, venues, and talks. I have also gathered a free magazine from the tube station and some newspapers created by my fellow students.

Organising my materials into a mood board, I captured the duration of the day as well as the area itself. Although I have not fulfilled the project’s requirements (using only colours and no text), I have captured also in the written form how the area affects me.

First, I used many colour blocks layered over each other to symbolize the variety of people who work, study, and commute in Elephant & Castle. Using mostly secondary and tertiary colours, I showed the complexity and mixture of identities that occur here.

Secondly, as the day goes on, the colours fade (hence black and white). That is when Brixton comes to live. I used less layers, since all the people in Brixton look similar and occupy the streets for the same reason – to socialise. The main street is busy, which is symbolised by a high concentration of paper stripes in the middle, whereas the outskirts (of the quarter as well as my project) are empty.

Thirdly, as the day and night are over, there is a new beginning, symbolised by the primary colour – blue. It is a large rectangle capturing the continuity and clarity of a new day, untouched and undamaged by external forces.

After presenting my project, I realised that my perception is far from abstract. By using words, I stole the attention from colours and focused more on the information about my area rather than its atmosphere. I believe I captured the imbalance of the streets and the transition from neat and tidy to messy by contrasting and organising the colour sheets.

Overall, the disproportionate  distribution of ephemera in my project clearly reflected the vibe and structure of the area I live in. Through colours I echoed the different vibes during different times of the day. Next time, I will eliminate the text and focus purely only on the colours. Today, I balance both.

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