Dancing in the rain…

Who does not love My Fair Lady? Who never dreams of coming to the market in Covent Garden and secretly stealing an apple freshly picked in the morning? Excuse my wild imagination but I simply do love the aura Covent Garden has. And so, not even the rain can stop me in coming up here on a rainy morning, admiring all the colours, smells and noises that make this place one of its kind. img_7647

As the Christmas finished, the huge mistletoe that decorated this area was taken away, leaving space for the beautiful apple market to expand upwards. Nevertheless, the Christmas star flowers remained and brought a sense of nostalgia to the rainy streets.


Acting like a kid, I immediately picked the winter-themed seesaw, jumping with enthusiasm on its top (yes, mummy, I know wood gets slippery when it rains). This was my “My Fair Lady” moment and I will proudly claim it in many months to come!


The benefit of rain is that it is probably the only time when this place is not overcrowded. And by looking at the picture, one would almost believe that is was taken early in the morning when no people were yet in the streets, as oppose to the midday during which it actually happened.


Go and get your senses out there, inhaling the moist air might make you want to sing in the rain. Do not be shy to admire the beauty that surrounds us, Covent Garden was surely made to be adored. Thank you, Audrey!

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