Ti amo, Italian Food!

It is not a secret that Italian food is a synonym for addiction. Forget the new years resolutions about clean eating and embrace the pleasures of Italian food right now. Here are my few tips on how to spoil yourself for a day in the most Italian way.

To prove that Italian’s is not all bad, I started off with a delicious green salad with a mix of vegetables. I found it in a lush bistro, hidden away near Bermondsey Street, right opposite from the Fashion and Textile Museum. I received a warm welcome by a monstrous Italian gentleman who proudly introduced me what was on offer. He packed me my takeaway salad and I set off to Covent Garden, the food heaven right in the heart of London.

My Italian treat continued in one of the Carluccio’s branches where the delicious seafood pasta was nearly overshadowed by the girl’s catch-up. The rich tomato sauce beautifully complemented the selection of fish, shells and prawns and, because I can never say no to cheese, the waiter was very generous in covering my dish with an avalanche of parmesan which raised this meal to perfection.

Hardly moving, I was adamant in finishing off the Italian day with a selection of treats in a Napoli-themes restaurant, Rossopomodoro. My friends and I have bravely fought all the puddings, tiramisu, Panna Cotta, Nutella and so many more, all served in cute little shot glasses.

Overall, my day was a blast and, even though I should now be only eating greens, I would definitely recommend this to anyone in a desperate need of a lift-up. Food helps you leave all your thought behind and embrace the flavours, textures and smells of Paradise. Trust me, the extra class of hot yoga is definitely worth it!

Allora, Buon Appetito!

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