The Intern’s Diary

I have started my first internship. I was lucky enough to step into the world of high-end fashion and work with an amazing designer. I have been running around, collecting, delivering and fixing garments, filing and organising designs, events and fabrics. I also assisted at a photo shoot. What have I learnt and what would I advise anyone trying to get some invaluable work experience?

Read my top 3 do and don’ts when interning:


  1. Do not be afraid to take initiative! Using your common sense will not hurt and, as long as you double-check with your supervisor, it is always good to go the extra mile and do something extra. It is the little things that matter and will make you stand out from the crowd and be remembered in the boss’s good books. 
  2. Do not ask stupid question, do not question everything only for its own sake. Be curious, show your interest and passion for learning new things but do not overdo it. Enough is enough and remember people have other things to do and cannot concentrate all their efforts only on you. Be helpful, not helpless!
  3. Always smile! People are so much happier to help if you are nice to them and show real excitement! There is nothing easier than to prove that you really appreciate others’ time and knowledge than an honest smile.

Whatever you do, remember that every work-experience allows you to learn from your mistakes and find new ways of overcoming challenges. Never give up and stay passionate even if you are only completing the most basic tasks. It does not matter what you do but how you do it, so grab this opportunity and shine bright!

Good Luck, Intern.



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