Fabulous Week: Meeting my favourite celebrities and bloggers

Steering away from my university duties, I decided to dedicate this weekend (last before the LFW) to my favourite and much admired people in the world. Since I am fortunate to live in London, I was able to actually personally meet person some of them, breaking down the barriers of what are they like in real life. I attended a store opening, a bloggers event and the ELLE Style Awards. Here is what I saw, how I got inspired and why I am so grateful to live in London.

My super-weekend kicked off with meeting the adorable, always laughing blogger, Lydia Millen. I only had a few minutes to say hi, but even then, I was surprised how curious Lydia was. Hardly letting me ask any questions, she was telling me about her brother studying art, admitting her artistic genes have yet not been found (which I strongly disagree with) and just being genuinely interested in what I was doing instead of talking about herself. I was so shocked, that I even forgot to congratulate her on her engagement (P.S. add now). Overall, she is the most lovely person I have met in a long while!

Sunday was dedicated to some very dedicated bloggers, who all met at Kristabel’s #youcansitwithusldn event. It all went extremely well and many people left feeling inspired and energised after a bright light up during their gloomy afternoon. Also, the food was lush and the spirit was high!

The most emotional experience, however, happened on Monday night, when the Elle Style Awards took place. The night has been unforgettable. Even though I was there in the role of the invisible, I still had the pleasure of bumping into Nick, throwing the awkward “hi” out there, whilst seeing him chew the asparagus tips. I spent long minutes admiring beautiful Vivienne, chatting to Debbie, the “Style Icon” winner. I even saw Christopher making his quiet entrance to the venue, though his presence could hardly remain unnoticed after winning the “Brand Of The Year” Award for Burberry. Lastly I could admire the design of Emilia Wickstead, worn by Eleanor, looking glamorous, gorgeous and très chic as these designs always do!

The venue was stunning, the food was glorious, and the people were…. so normal! My heart was ricing but only then I realised, how little I meant to those people, even more, that one day, I could hopefully be a part of the crowd and enjoy the privileges they all have. Who knows, let’s just keep dreaming for now, cherishing the fact that I have been close to all my favourite celebs, if even only for a little moment!

In such a short period of time, all these excitements can really only happen in London.


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