Are You Burberry-Ready? Fall16 Update.

The fashion season started and even though it looks like spring, the clothing world is all about the fall now. As I keep exploring the exciting environment of the industry, I take a step back and look at what is it like to experience a a ready-to-buy/see/love fashion show in real life and at an astonishing venue.

This post is a recap of the Burberry’s fall 2016 collection which was made available to buy/see immediately after the show in the Makers House. It is a reminder of the Christopher Bailey’s latest creations, and an invitation to the highly anticipated Burberry February show streamed live on Monday 20th February 2017.

Inspired by Virginia Wolf, Christopher embodies the main features of her novel, Orlando: Biography, and carefully captures them in numerous layers of lace and silk, decorated by frills and military details on as many edges as possible.

The biggest hit of the most recent collection was undoubtedly the bridle bag. It comes in the iconic colour scheme as well as in a number of less usual shades, which are yet super modern. It takes you elegantly from day to night, storing neatly all your necessities in one place, whilst ensuring you will steal the show with this chic statement piece.

One of many highlights of the fashion show was also the venue. The Makers House was specifically created for the Burberry’s purposes. It served as a catwalk, a museum and an eatery. It also hosted a number of workshops and an interactive session, familiarising the visitors with the traditional techniques of a top-quality dressmaking.

Overall, the Burberry empire blew my mind away once again. The fabrics, the fits, the colours, the venue, the decor, the scent, the list goes on infinitely. Burberry is truly British and as such, it makes the wait for the new collection worth while.


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