Burberry 2017: Give Me Moore! #BurberryMakersHouse

It is an incredible venue, an unbelievable show and the most utterly breath-taking designs. Best part of this all, it is free to see, admire and interact with for the entire month. This February, Burberry pays tribute to the artist Henry Moore, who inspired the collection in 3 different ways: through his sculptures, his materials and his workwear. Christopher Bailey decided to capture these elements through his disturbing creations and to re-design the traditional cape, which is becoming a synonym to the original Burberry trench coat. Enter the Makers House and feel the spirit of Mr. Moore.

Burberry’s collection was released and it left thousands of followers begging for more. It captured all the traditional pieces, as well as added an unexpected bonus on top of each model in the form of a cape. These custom-made pieces are buyable upon request and belong to the top couture attempt Burberry has had up to date.

In addition to the more obvious geometrical cuts of fabrics and asymmetrical designs of most pieces, Burberry pays a great attention to detail, in form of the sculptural heel which is accompanying a simple pointed black ankle boot.

In addition, all the bags made of calf leather have a gabardine finish to match the classic trench coat. They come in a wide spectrum of colours and styles which compliments the user’s requirements and needs.

The venue, the Makers House, has been expanded this year, closing up the courtyard to allow more space for the catwalk, yet allowing the sunlight to come in. There is less space for the cafeteria, yet enough to exhibit Moore’s work, which takes up the majority of the first floor. The ground floor belongs to the capes and to all the models seen on the runaway.

Walking down the imaginary catwalk transfers you into the mind of the famous sculptor, yet creates the illusion of being left alone on a deserved island surrounded by all the beauty this planet has to offer. Burberry takes you on an adventure of a modern muse and will not let you leave up until you believe that sometimes dreams really do come true.

Makers House opened 21st-27th February. Credits to the attentive guide who gave me a great mini-tour around the collection and explained all the inspiration behind it to me. Thank you!


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