How to End the Fashion Season In Style? By the #LFWfestival


London welcomes the fashion fanatics for one more time, and brings them to the heart of everything British. London-based designers exhibiting alongside the Irish-based jewellery makers, just a corridor away from the British-based, French-born shoe designers. London proves once again, that fashion is a common language that unites us all.



The plead jackets were a strong reminder of the classical Chanel style, proving that all things beautiful do not have to come from France or Italy. Alongside these, there were also plenty of raincoats, leather jackets, and Burberry-like trench coats.



The busiest section of all was certainly the jewellery one. Britain is currently experiencing a massive boom in this delicate industry and I believe my pictures show why. All carefully displayed on tiny tree stumps (#lovechupi), hanging from silver rails, or neatly corked up in mini storage glasses, jewellery is more chic than ever before.



The UK accessories scene is flourishing and not even the handbag designers lag behind. The LFW Festival’s selection extended from the House of Holland to the lesser known names, all of which were equally interesting and tempting to leave home with.



Overall, #LFWFestival provided a glorious round-up to all the events that have been taking place in the capital over the past month and left us both,my partner-in-crime, Mark, and myself, waiting with huge expectations for the next season to arrive.


A huge thank you to Mark, for making the #LFWfestival such a memorable experience, and a massive well-done to all the brands that participated here. They all prove that the British design is truly great!



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