The Best Uni Experience Ever. Making a Book.

Who would not love the university experience. New friends, new experiences, newly gained independence and so much more. But what do I enjoy the most besides all of these pleasures? My university facilities. UAL is unbelievable. Not only does it provide the top professionals on the subject, but it also has the best rooms and machines ever. Guess what, you can create your own book, from scratch to the final product. No kidding. I really am loving it.

The London College of Communication may remind one of a museum sometimes, but that makes the entire experience even more enjoyable. You enter the workshop and you are transferred into a whole new world. You are taking centuries back (okay, maybe only imagine the flower power era) and you are allowed to get your  hands dirty.

Write it down, design it in InDesign, transfer it to the printers, pick your papers, select the style, design the covers, print it out, bind it, polish it up and you are done. And a free extra you get is the guidance of the dedicated tutors who have spent the last 20 years in their jobs.

The two gentlemen who guided us through the whole department were actually the best part of the entire floor. They are fun! Their sense of humour is incredible, their casual attitude, yet excellence skill set and dedication to their work is admirable. They are funny, they are kind, they are on top of things, they are organised (surprisingly, even though they are men!).

I cannot wait to actually get on with my thoughts, designs and ideas and see what is going to come out out of these huge, scarily-looking machines. I am prepared, that it will take time. But I am certainly ready to embrace this challenge and do my best. I know that the support I will get will make the whole experience super-enjoyable and will be forgotten long after I leave the college.

Without sounding soppy and nostalgic, I honestly cannot wait to start printing. Maybe let me get on with the design first. Either way, our college is amazing! And now the whole world knows. Yahoo.

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