The Essential Item For Your Perfect Spring Outfit.

fullsizeoutput_832It is heeeeeeree! Spring has finally arrived and it could not make me any happier. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the trees are blossoming. It comes as no surprise that I set off to the streets. Regardless of where I go, I always bring along one thing with me: the smile!

London street style

Raising the temperature and energy levels, I dumped my jacket and embraced the new sunny days. I have recently favoured skirts over trousers, hoping to awaken the long-lost femininity inside me. And what print? Flowers as always.


For me, spring is a new beginning. Therefore, I am leaving all worries behind and adoring the new time of the year. Though overwhelmed with work and activities, I always make sure I make time for myself, be it a morning yoga class, an afternoon tea or an evening walk in the part.


Embody the beauty around us and bring joy and happiness to everyone you meet. Use your smile to change the world. I have lived by this motto for a long time and it ain’t changing. Happy spring!

floral skirt


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