How to Share Your Positive Energy Every Day.

The gloomy season is finally over and we cannot wait to put away my winter coat and start showing off those cheesy(white) legs. But before we do that, let us pause for a second and take a breath before we dive straight into things. Life can be overwhelming and thus we must always make time to enjoy the beauty around us to avoid any unpleasant feelings, leave alone burnouts. Here are some of my tips.



Staying proactive is not always easy. Some of us easily fall into stagnation and suddenly months pass by without them even noticing. I believe, that it is much better to live a full on life and enjoy every single moment until your head keeps spinning! The best thing to do is to explore – locally! In London, it is easy because there is so much going on. But even if you do not live in a big city, just grab the courage and get out – see what is on and especially is you find something you have never thought about doing, give it a go. Now is the right time to experience something new.

“Live a full on life and enjoy every single moment until your head keeps spinning”

Find a new dance class, join some clubs in your area or get engaged with the local community. Visit the market and find some inspiration, maybe you will start your next big DIY project. Even if not, there is always something beautiful to spark joy in your life. And it does not cost a fortune. With the arrival of spring, you can get a bouquet of tulips for £2 and they will last you forever (okay, maybe only a week but that is worth it). Similarly, treat your friends and family, too. Give them a call and plan to do some new activities together. Working in couples will also allow you to commit and stay dedicated to your goal, whilst sharing achievements and appreciating each other efforts.


Spring is the right time for a new beginning. Forget prejudice, embrace challenges and enjoy yourself. You will see that doing a lot of things will make you feel proud and wanting more. Now is the right time to tell yourself, I can, so I will. Happy spring!

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