How to Manage Time and Find A Work-Life Balance

Who is this girl to tell you what you do right or wrong when organising your schedule? Well, that is exactly what I think when I see (yet) another talk on “how to manage your time “. So, in this post, I am not trying to educate you but to entertain you through describing what I think about time management. By no means is this the best, most efficient, time-saving and easy-to-implement method, these are only some guidelines to inspire you. 


Squeezing plenty of activities in one day makes me happy. However, there was a stage where participating in numerous projects no longer cause me any pleasure because I spent all my time thinking about what is coming up next instead of focusing on the current moment.

People enjoy saying they are busy and they hate admitting that somebody else could possible get more done in much less time than them. I would like to believe that I can organise well. But, of course, if you give me the latest IT programme to use, I will take ages to get the hang of it. Therefore, I would leave this task to somebody with more experience in that area.

Living in the moment…

Overcoming the fear of asking is a massive challenge. I now feel more confident not only questioning but also accepting that one cannot know everything, even if it costs multiple awkward looks. I learn from mistakes, errors make me pay a greater attention to detail and achieve a goal better than before.


Without slipping into the cover-letter look, I believe that people have as much time as they would like to accept. As explained by the amazing TED speaker Laura Vanderkam, how much time we have depends on our priorities. Do you have time to work out? No. Do you have a moment to say hello to your neighbour? Unlikely. But can you find 10 hours of spare time to fix a broken radiator at home? Well you must!

Instead of focusing on the outcome, enjoy the process of making

I have never received a lecture on time management but I have been learning from experimentation all my life. I guess it started at an early age when my mum signed me up to every single extra-curricular activity my school offered. Ever since then I have always been balancing my full-time education, part-time work and flex-time friends.


What is it that really makes you happy?

For someone who never says no, finding a balance is a struggle. Especially work tends to often take over all the other activities, and overshadows one’s mind-set. Prioritising is hard. Who tells you what to do now and what can wait? It is always only up to you to decide what will be done and when (also sometimes why and how).

Instead of focusing on the outcome, one should enjoy the process of making a dream come true. Easier said than done. I know. But only if you are certain About what you really want and what is it that makes you happy, you can justify what, who and why takes place in your diary. It will not happen overnight, it might not happen in the next year. But knowing you are on the right track makes it all worthwhile.



TEDWomen 2016 [online talk] Laura Vanderkam, How to gain control of your free time, (Accessed 20/3/2017)

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