We observe culture every day. It dictates how to react when we communicate with others (non- and verbally). When buying food, ordering coffee, or trying on clothes, we automatically anticipate a certain response. And if we do not receive it, things can go wrong.


Nobody can choose which culture will influence them from an early age. We are born into an environment which impacts the way we behave. A child is brought up by a parent who pursues certain strategies and embodies a unique mind set passed onto the little one. Here, one parent is not a typo. Nowadays, the double is gone. There are no more couples, partners, or duplicates. One focuses on oneself, regardless of the rest.

Culture defines us, culture tells us who we are and leads us through our lives.

We can change the way we act, the way we dress, the way we behave. The unchangeable feature is the way we think. It will ultimately define the rest but admitting it is a difficult task. Loving oneself comes with age, experience and is a part of our natural progress. But why are we always trying to copy someone? Be like and liked by others? Associate ourselves with a bunch of others, be it a community, club or a society is important to us. For what though?


People are becoming less dependent on their families, friends or teams, the surrounding culture, however, heavily impacts all our actions. This excludes nobody. Think what you like, but if I walk into a room full of men naked, they will take notice and create an opinion. We are constantly judging. Why are the sales assistants not smiling when I am about to pass out from spreading my mouth as wide as possible to get them to look back at me? Why are people smoking if they risk harming bodies or clothes and stinking like hell after finishing a cigarette?

Why are you smiling if I/you feel like shouting?

Who knows why we want to fit in. We ignore our hearts and push aside our instincts. Culture explain why it is so. It teaches us how to be more considerate of others and understand that your jokes might be embarrassing or humiliating for others. Why it matters should be obvious but unfortunately it is not. We tend to spend our life searching for ourselves but do not make the slightest effort to listen to others (even if, it is still only to find inspiration for our personal development). Without saying self-focus is bad, sometimes it is great to look at what has been happening around us through somebody else’s eyes and maybe discover a whole new world.


Curiosity is good, ignorance is sinful. Love is adorable, hate is horrible. Be your best and listen, look, and admire others. If somebody pushes you, do not push them back, do not give them the angry look, do not even think badly about them, it might have been an accident, it might have been a provocation, your strongest weapon is your calm. Use it wisely.


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