The Monochrome Paris


Paris is a synonym for chic, elegant and jolly. The Palais Royal has been a seeked-after sight for the past centuries. Now it features the work of a French artist Daniel Buren called Les Deux Plateaoux.


Browsing around the city of non-chalant beauty, one cannot stop thinking about how beautifully the old and new live alongside each other in a place that is daily attacked by thousands of tourists, locals, and immigrants. Placing the playful columns into a yard creates a relaxed and peaceful environment where everybody feels welcome.


Although the sky might be grey, the spirit is bright and colourful. Not only of this project but also of all the visitors who enter this place. One can jump from one another, sit down or stand up, stare at the reflection or capture the geometrical sequences on a camera.


Paris is an inspiration embodied, it lets your imagination play and your heart beat fast. That is yet another reason why I am obsessed with this city and hope that the French capital will once dictate my future.


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