The Importance of Mentorship in Life.

This blog post is inspired by Karen Blackett OBE who spoke about her career goals and values for the marie clarie magazine. Karen is a CEO of MediaCom and her interview inspired me to re-consider my personal values and explore new ways of thinking, working, and studying.


Karen moved from leading the team to pushing people forward and that is I why admire her. She demonstrates a skill I would desperately love to try to learn but keep on failing. Instead of focusing on one’s own success, Karen has the skill to empower others. She asks her team: “What would you do as a CEO?” and draws inspiration from these answers.

“From leading the team to pushing people forward”

It is the same way I am currently being taught at the University of the Arts London. This method is not about: here is a fact – learn it, understand it, reproduce it, but more about: here is a question/a problem/ an issue – discuss it and come up with possible solutions.


Karen is proud of the apprentice programme that offers a career vision to young people between 18-24. One of her team members also initiated coaching sessions which led to a “happier, more productive workforce” (Marie Claire, 2015). Karen also helps women who are struggling with the workload after having a baby, for example.

“Intoxicating optimism makes anything possible”

She is a living example of anything being possible. Her intoxicating optimism makes turning revolutionary idea into reality look easy. People like Karen motivate me to keep pushing my boundaries and inspire me to always aim a little higher than before.


Mentors are here to inspire us, to motivate us and to always show us a way of solving things. Some mentors communicate directly with us, others through their online presence and media involvement. Either way, they are here to ensure that we are the best version of ourselves.



Based on the article from Marie Claire (October 2015, p. 214), Women At The Top Awards. Available at: (Accessed 4/4/2017)

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