The Rise of Technology. (CTS)

IMG_3110Social media and the newest tech developments have taken the world by storm. We are all living in an ever-evolving world and our biggest worry is not to be left behind on anything. Broadly speaking, over the past couple of years Internet has been changing our lifestyle and dictating our life direction. How good is it to be led by technology and leaving the (good) old things behind?

fullsizeoutput_b06Lynk & Co cars encourage the owners to set up a business and thus enabling the drivers not only to be connected to the road but also to the entire world. The cars can be opened via a phone app by either the owner or the anyone who has been given the “keys”2. You can make a booking via an app and whilst one person is not using it, you can simply drive off with their car.  The cars will, however, be less environmental friendly since, just like the iPhone 6 cannot last on full power for more than a couple of hours, neither can a smart car. You can rent your room, sofa, or bike, so I guess why could you not do it with a car. It is all about changing the ways we think and interact with each other and that is a good thing, right?

fullsizeoutput_68fWhat is, on the other hand, the sufficient level of interaction, how do I never miss out on events? The designer Lara Défayes has introduced her kit to prevent FOMO (“the fear of missing out”3), but the true question is, why do we even need kits like these? What happened to the good, old (fashioned) diary and people having to actually talk to each other before organizing or attending an event. Nowadays, it is all said by a bunch of letters accompanied by a couple of emojis. The “decent level of social interaction”3, as the video puts it (link below) has shot like inflation in Zimbabwe between 2004 – 2009 shooting up to “98% a day”1.

fullsizeoutput_b08So here we go, technology has been certainly shaping if not radically changing our lives. The doctors will soon be treating the Insta– or Snapdiction, whilst the researchers will be going back to the archives, discovering what our lives used to be like without the technology that is accessible in parts of the world today. The web allowed us to make our world fast-paced but at the end of the day it is still moving at the same speed as it did 100s of years ago (more/ less, right?) and thus sometimes it might be a good idea to slow down, sit back, and watch the life pass by, ignoring the urgent need to share it with the rest of the world.

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