How I Met Caro Emerald & Fell For Her Band.


The fortnight before my birthday I was invited to the Emerald Island and enjoyed a concert of my favourite pop star – Caro Emerald. I have been her admirer for the past five years. Starting as a soundtrack to our dance performance, Caro became incorporated into my daily life through her upbeat jazz songs and her elegant 40’s style which will never go out of fashion.


I was super-excited to finally see this jazz icon live as well as to enjoy the breath-taking inside of one of the most impressive venues in London, the Royal Albert Hall. We arrived early and secured the best spots on the balcony . Caro had an amazing guest, Irit Dekel, and an hour later she entered the island-styled stage herself.

“The concert of the current jazz icon was completed by the fabulous surroundings of the Royal Albert Hall in London”

Her performance was exactly what you would expect – fun, uplifting, and… surprising! Especially the band with members who all play a number of instruments, the show was one of its kind and surely unforgettable. Also, Caro is pregnant and that makes her even more admirable. Carrying a baby and singing? Why not, there is no stopping her! After the amazing gig which mixed skilfully the old classics with the new songs from the Emerald Island EP, I was not ready to leave yet and set off to a new adventure.


I walked around the Royal Albert Hall, asking about five members of staff whether the artist will be meeting the crowd and giving her autographs. After receiving multiple negative answers, I discovered the stage door and decided to hang around there. To my surprise, I found the courage to address one of the band members and took a picture with him. In addition, he introduced me to the band leader and off we went.

“As I was handing my eyeliner over to Caro at the Emerald Island’s party I found myself turning red and shaking nervously like never before “

We shot straight from the Emerald Island to the Emerald Bar. Hanging out casually with the guys from Grand Mono, sipping slowly the most delicious white wine, I secured a word, a signature and a picture with Caro. She was sweet, elegant, relaxed and… so normal. I could not stop shaking and after handing her over my eyeliner to sign the ticket, I was completely out of words. She is probably thinking, what that crazy girl wanted. But hey, I managed to meet in person an artist I deeply admire. And who knows, maybe next time I will stop shaking and pull off a decent conversation. For the moment, I wish her and the whole band best of luck on their amazing tour and hope to meet this jazzy lot again.


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