English Parks & French Gardens (No. I)


From Greenwich to Hyde Park, from Kensington to Kyoto, London embodies ceaseless opportunities of what to do on a day off. The British passion for picnics is unquestionable. What are the best places to go and l(a)unch in when the weather is glorious, the birds are singing and the spirits are high? Read on.


London has become the perfect getaway destination. If are you fortunate enough to have visited the city already multiple times, or, even better, happened to live here, make some time to explore how much London has been blossoming over the past weeks. Literally. And there is no better place where to take you other half, your kids, or your friends to unwind than to one of the beautiful parks in the city. Below is a list of some beauties to visit (only) in the British capital.


Hyde Park is the largest and the most obvious place to go and relax. If you decide to explore the greatest green space in central London, start from the west. South Kensington provides not only exclusive places, people, and parties but also the Kensington Palace. That is a home to the Royal family as well as the exhibition of one of its ex-members, princess Diana. Hers is also a memorial in the northwest corner of the park and the white forget-me-nots decorating all the green spaces around the Palace.

“Kensington has is all – the people, the parties, and the palace”


Wait no further, grab a blanket, a pair of sunnies and a good protection cream and off you go. The perfect weather will not last forever and so, whenever on a visit, business trip or a day off, make the most of what London has on offer. Maybe you will gain more than just an extra bit of tan prior to the summer holiday.


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