English Parks & French Gardens (Part II)

London has become the perfect getaway destination. If are you fortunate enough to have visited the city already multiple times, or, even better, happened to live here, make some time to explore how much London has been blossoming over the past weeks. Literally. And there is no better place where to take you other half, your kids, or your friends to unwind than to one of the beautiful parks in the city. Below is a list of some beauties to visit (only) in the British capital.

Heading north, there is a place which accommodates the pedal boats, a Zoo and one of the greatest views in/of London, the Regent’s Park. On a sunny day, it will turn into an international paradise, bringing the Islamic, Jewish, and Christian communities together, all playing peacefully rugby, cricket or football whilst heating up the BBQ.

“Wait no further, spring has arrived and might not stay long” 

Down in East London, there is the unforgettable Greenwich park. Home to the National Maritime Museum, the Royal Observatory, and multiple markets, Greenwich is the perfect place to let your hair down and enjoy the fresh spring air. And if you get bored, there are always plenty of street artists to keep you entertained whilst sipping your (first?) pint.

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