Keep calm and blog on!

Once I decided to rebrand my blog, I realised that implementing change is hard. Half a year later, I succeeded with some and failed with others. So, why do I keep on blogging?


Adopting new habits, e.g. vegetarianism or a 7am yoga class, is challenging enough, but finding reasons why I blog and how to maintain my blog proved to be much more difficult. Blogging requires a high level of determination as well as a constant commitment.

“Blogging requires determination & commitment.”

Blogging gives you freedom. You can write anything, anytime. Though, after some time, you realise that a routine is necessary. I blog because I want to share my love for all things beautiful, tangible and intangible. I love sharing my experience and hope to inspire people worldwide with mutual interests. I implement consistency through regular posting – every Wednesday and Sunday – as well as a repetitive set of themes throughout my posts. This allows readers to engage and interact as well as helps me achieve my objective of creating a network of like-minded enthusiasts.


I create a plan to help me clarify and fulfil my goals. Since I moved to London, I have attended various events, talks, and exhibitions and met people from interesting backgrounds. Therefore, my blog reflects the outcomes of these encounters. I take my own pictures (unless stated otherwise) to add a personal touch. The aim is to encourage everyone to pursue their dreams, to fight their struggles, and to get creative.

“The aim is to encourage everyone to pursue their dreams, to fight their struggles, and to get creative.”

My blog captures my journey and a constant evolution of my interests and my own voice. By being clear and honest with my readers, I can create strong relationships and participate in the online community. This creative collaborative space allows me to experiment, connect and react to other people’s work as well as to get feedback on my own. This challenge is the real reason that keeps me blogging.


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