Wearing heels in London. Seriously?


Recently I found myself living in stilettos. Not only are they my go-to shoes when it comes to running around the town, but they also work with a pair of mini dress or a high-wasted skirt when going out. To my surprise, I realised that I am probably the only one in London who still takes the tube instead of an uber and, voluntarily, sucks up the pain to be able to walk a little taller.

Somehow suddenly, I noticed that flats, trainers, and lace-up shoes are a far more popular choice when it comes to the daily commute. However, wearing heels is not only feminine, elegant and sexy, but it opens up a whole new perspective from the above, leave alone the set of privileges that come with it.


London proves that the bus drivers are more likely to stop (whilst earning you some precious extra time) and watch the high-heeled creature fighting the uneven surface of the pavement whilst attempting to stay elegant and avoid the unnecessary wait for the next bus. Furthermore, men on the tube are more likely to step aside when they see you boarding (a rare yet admirable act). Not that necessary, the confidence levels will also shoot up accordingly to the height of your sandals. Caused by the occasional check-outs of your smooth, worked-out legs which are necessarily come the first signs of summer.

“Explore new perspectives from a few inches off the ground” 

But how about the aching legs? Oh well, pain has never been too much of an enemy and as they say, practice makes perfect. It is surely worth exploring new perspectives from a few inches off the ground. Therefore, I am keeping my favourite shoes on for many more days to come. Bring on summer, my wardrobe and I are ready!


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