Shooting in the street.


No, this is not a terrorism-related post, it is about shooting pictures. This year, I have been the most fortunate human being in the world. Not only do I live in the most beautiful city I have ever dreamed of, but also do I live here with a photographer. And because it is a great opportunity, I asked her to help me make my dream come true. Her and I went out, not as a couple but as working colleagues. I have always wanted to shoot in the street, and so we did! Read on to see the pros and cons of such an experiment.


Shooting on the street can be hard. First of all, you must overcome the fear of somebody stepping out of their house, shouting at you, thinking, what the hell is she doing. Furthermore, there will often be the unwanted cars, bings, and rubbish in the way that will ruin the otherwise perfect photograph. Leave alone the fact that the wind be blowing whenever you least expect it, the sun will be shining to hard, turning you into some kind of Avatar-themed creature, and overall the situation might not be as picturesque as you wish.


Nevertheless, you will grow less critical. None of the pictures will ever be perfect and although you might shoot 200, you will only pick a few, ready to be presented online. The results of the photoshoot can be seen on my blog over the past couple of months and the rest will be published over the next few weeks. There are more pictures to be taken, edited, and shared, however, the content is yet to be developed. Overall, shooting is fun, and even if a grumpy granny sticks out of her window, that will only make the smile more natural and the laughs a little louder.


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