Are Girls the new Sex and the City?

I am addicted. Quite frankly and openly, I have fallen in love with the best series ever: Sex and the City! I am aware that I might be like 20 years late but better ever than never. Girls, on the other side, only came out in 2012 and for that reason I have not seen it yet. From what I heard, it is not too chubby. Well, considering all the remakes, a theatre play, and a 7.3 rating on IMDb, I guess they are worth a watch. Maybe in 2025, I will be ready!


Nevertheless, Sex and the City completely blew my mind away. It discusses so many issues that are super relatable, from falling in love with Mr. Right, and never really getting him to really give it up to you, to getting your period late and thinking what would happen if it was what you think it might. Also, Sarah Jessica Parker and all her ladies have a brilliant sense of humour that will keep any girl entertained from her early cereal breakfast to her late quinoa dinner.

“Girls provide a modern update on what we used to worry about.”


Girls provide a modern update on what we used to worry about at the turn of the century. Lena Dunham is facing the real up-to-date problems, such as complaining about what we do not have, though could have had, had we only tried (a little harder). Is that enough to guarantee a successful show? Apparently so. The Girls are in the London Phoenix Theatre now.

“Princess in a fairytale versus slut in a fake reality.”

Overall, Sex & the City is a cult. Everybody knows about it, most people above 20 treasure, the ones over 30 have watched it multiple times, over 40s live by it. Or would definitely love to. Princess in a fairytale versus slut in a fake reality. The choice is yours. Take it or leave it, I will remain a loyal devotee to this series, though never having watched any other. Yup, that is right. Do not expect me to review the Games of Thrones, I am really not ready to confess. But S&C? Any time, repeatedly, always! Because I simply “couldn’t help but wonder, …”




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