Learning to appreciate nature

Whoever says that London has no greenery should visit the Lambeth area. Not only are there still kids playing in streets and dog walkers greeting each other, but people also smile when they catch somebody’s eye and invest time and money into their beautiful, well maintained gardens. Sounds like a fairy tale but, if you try, you can live it, too.



London is not your regular place to seek nature in. The happier I am every time I find a space with a bit of green, or yellow in this instance, that brightens up the entire street! Having such a beauty just by my front step instantly raises my day from dull to great!

A happy face means a successful day!

Put a smile on and, suddenly, everything and everyone will become more cheerful! Also, people will notice. Although invisible, when you feel happy you radiate positive energy that all passers-bies can feel which might lead to some unexpected meetings and possibly change your life. And if not, at least by smiling at others, just like the flowers, you can make somebody’s day a little brighter!



I hope the owners will not hate me for taking a little treasure back home with me but I just could not resist! If you see a massive bush covered by dreamy blossoms, surely you are not just going to pass by without taking a naughty selfie or a little brunch home with you. In a city full of traffic, pollution, and dust, worshipping places like these should be every citizen’s duty!

“What is more beautiful (…) than a floral cocktail [in] a heavenly garden?”

I am normally obsessed about London. London in bloom, however, takes my passion to a whole new level! I apologise but what is more beautiful to see in a street than a floral cocktail full of of green and yellow colours enjoyed from the safety of one’s heavenly garden? Rose petals, I applaud you and am already looking forward to the next season!


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