The best time to go flower shopping

It is Sunday! And that can only mean one thing – the Flower Market is on! Either if you are a regular market goer, or are just planning your weekend, scroll down to find out at what time should you arrive to a flower market to get your hands on the best bargains! 

I am well aware that this is not the first, nor the last, post on my favourite place! But it is simply so heavenly and every time I go, there are thousands of new flowers to choose from! And not only that, I also enjoy watching other people struggling with their newly purchased greens, and the girlfriends proudly holding their pastel bouquets and thanking their beloved ones.

A Flower market for me is a synonym for therapy. It is peaceful and relaxing to put a bunch of flowers into a glass vase or to decorate your favourite ceramics with a few blossoms of wildness. Furthermore, there is nothing flowers cannot solve – be it an argument, an illness, or a bad day. A handful of blooms makes all struggles fade away. And that is why now is the right time to discover your local florist and adopt the habit of having fresh flowers in your household every day!

Once you have been infected by my incurable love of all things scented and colourful, you can start writing down a list of where and when to go to get your fresh supplies. If you are fortunate enough to live in London, the choice is clear – you will spend your Sunday mornings in Hackney! If you happen to be a ‘northerner’, give up your sleep ins and arrive there early – and I mean super early! However, if you happen to live down south or have brunch plans which cannot be postponed, worry not! The time between 1-3pm, when the market is closing, is the right slot to grab a bargain.

Even though the beautiful roses, hydrogenous and cala lilies can be normally found for about £8-10 a bunch, as soon as the 1pm hits, the traders can see themselves grabbing a pint or two and enjoying the sunshine in one of London’s many beer gardens. And that is when the “two bunches a five’ ” deals pop out. Then there is no time to hesitate, you snooze, you lose! All the flowers will be gone before you say ‘a bouquet’, so get it before somebody else does. And trust me, at 3pm sharp, there will be not a single petal left.

See you at the Columbia Rd. Flower Market at one(ce)!


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