Organising a summer lunch for Woman&Home

Since my early childhood, I treasured the work of a journalist! It came along with the temptations of florist, a stewardess, and a nurse, but the dream of working in magazine has followed me the longest. What was my happiness then when I was approached by the marketing team at some of the best UK lifestyle mags and asked whether I could help with some events! One of them was the Woman&Home summer lunch at the South Kensington’s Roof Gardens. Here is what I learnt and what it is like working for a magazine. 



Prepping for an event is the opposite of fabulous. It requires long hours spent emailing suppliers, organisers, and representatives of different venues. Once all that starts getting a shape, it is time to move on onto the next tasks. Working like a robot whilst packing goodie bags for the guests might not sound fun but trust me, it is surprisingly relaxing. Besides, 200 totes later, you feel like you have actually achieved something.

“Working like a robot (…) is surprisingly relaxing”

On the day of the event, all the organisers must arrive early – and I mean super early. You never know what can go wrong and what or who will be missing, so, therefore, it is better to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Once the event kicks off, the manager will still be running of his/ usually her/ feet but at the back of her mind there will be that pleasing voice saying ‘yes, you did it!’.



When working for Woman & Home, all the stress and worries disappeared. The event as well as all the preparation process went, without a doubt, smoothly and professionally. Furthermore, the girls I got to work with were beautiful, lovely, and fun. Together we managed not only to ensure that all guests were having a fabulous time, but also to snap a few selfies and have a few laughs at one of the most beautiful venues in London – the Roof Gardens (which I am obsessing about in my previous post).

“The girls I got to work with were beautiful, lovely, and fun”

Overall, helping at the Woman & Home summer lunch enabled me to gain some new managerial experiences as well as to create strong bonds with the marketing team girls. The memories I created on that day and am extremely grateful for have a strong place in my SUMMER17 album.




Thank you, wonderful team at Woman & Home!


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