The ultimate (indoors) picnic

Summer is a synonym for picnics and although it mights not look outside like grabbing a basket and stocking it up with your favourite treats, there is no reason why you could not organise a picnic indoors. Sounds odd? Well, sometimes the weather simply leaves you with no other option. So what? Compromising is FUN! 


Whether you decide to invite over a bunch of friends, family members or you choose to spend a romantic afternoon in two, there is a lot you can prepare in advance to ensure that even if your summer party gets interrupted by an unexpected storm, nothing will ruin its overall success.

“prepping for the picnic took me almost as long as cooking a three-course meal”

Before throwing a picnic, I always visit my favourite stationary shops. Tiger is by far the best choice for colourful and affordable paper plates and cups. Furthermore, they supply a lot of extra decorations, which you do not need but will look lovely on the picnic table anyway.


For food, you have to go simple and sophisticated. I was surprised that prepping for the picnic took me almost as long as cooking a three-course meal. But that might have been caused by the constant instagramming in between and the glasses of wines enjoyed alongside preparing.

“small bites are easy to eat and can be re-created in multiple ways”

The best picnic food are small bites that are easy to eat and can be re-created in multiple ways. Some of my favourites are: the classical Caprese salad – cherry tomatoes, baby mozzarella and basil leaves, sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil on top. And the prosciutto and melon skewers, finished with a touch of rosemary. For sandwiches, I always choose premium seed bread from my local bakery, and create two options: one with salmon, cream cheese and fresh lettuce, the other with grilled sirloin (or any other choice of red meat), with mustard dressing and wild rocket. The menu is completed with fresh fruits and veggies from the garden on side.


Four options which can be multiplied indefinitely for countless guests. That is what a call and easy-peasy party planning. Let the picnic begin, regardless of the weather!

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