Why I blog? Vol. II

Blogging is a personal, intimate matter. Yet, it allows you to show your personality to the whole world. Why I chose blogging and what keeps me going at night and day?

Sharing my personal life with the entire universe can seem anything – from selfish to scary. Having a personal presence allows one to engage with people across the globe, yet stay true to one’s values. For me, a blog is a diary where I can keep all things interesting. As a notebook, it does not judge me, yet it provides a constant feedback and has the benefit of adding beautiful imagery!

“Blog is a diary where [one] can keep all things interesting”

Having a blog allows me to remember all the things beautiful I experienced in my life and the stages I went through at my early adulthood. Besides, it has the power to inspire. My blog should have the feel of – Hey, look! She did something interesting, I wonder how could I do something similar! That explains why so many of my posts carry the hashtag ‘inspiration’.

With my blog, I truly do want to encourage others to create their own exciting stories which can be shared through this constantly expanding online community. Furthermore, there is no space for envy nor failures. Every step is a step forwards and doing nothing is the only mistake that one can make.

“My posts carry the hashtag ‘inspiration’ “

Writing gives me freedom and that is why I do it so often. Not always is it good, nor fun, but I try. Hell, I try! But if things go wrong, there is always the wonderfully-scented candle, the little piece of jewellery, the favourite perfume and last, but not least, the physical diary with which I can cosy up in a blanket and write and write and write and be sure that nobody will ever read, nor judge, these lines. But up until then, I will keep sharing my thoughts online.

And so as every little counts, so can every blogger make a real-life difference!

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