The productive procrastination

Procrastination is an inseparable part of our lives. Recently, I found a way how to embrace it without punishing myself for it! I decided to face the reality and learn how not to suppress but to appreciate my procrastinating skills.

You know the feeling when you wake up, you set yourself the goal of being hyper-productive whilst unintentionally reaching for your phone. After the obligatory scroll through social media, you check your emails and start considering what could you make for breakfast (because brunch seems like too much effort!). By the time when you start performing your sun salutations, you are already thinking where is the nearest convenience store to get your milk which ran out some days ago. Suddenly, it is noon. After realising that you took hours to get up, you are in no state of mind to start working on the assigned tasks and your tummy is screaming for help. Hello, these are my regular Saturday struggles!


Weekend mornings are the hardest, you wake up, you feel energised, and later you realise that the time has flown by and you have done N*O*T*H*I*N*G*. It sounds bad but try not to be harsh with yourself. As a creative, I learnt that there is a good side to procrastination but you need to allow yourself to see it. Once you release the pressure and let go of the sense of guilt that you have not achieved anything tangible over the past hours/days/years, that is when your creativity kicks in.

“There is also a good side to procrastination but you need to allow yourself to discover it.”

Creativity is not about how much you plan, do, visit, complete, it is about how you feel and how you can do things efficiently (and by things, I mean absolutely anyTHING!). It does not matter whether you live in a lively metropole (with all the attractions waiting at your doorstep) or in a quiet countryside (with paths to walk a thousand miles). If you don’t feel like it, you will not enjoy any of the temptations waiting for you. It is only when your body feels at ease, that your mind starts producing incredible things. Your task is to embrace it!


And so, I find myself lying on my bed, thinking how wonderful it would be climbing up the Sacre Coeur (which is about 200 metres from here), walking down the bank of the river Seine, participating in the multiple Paris Design Week activities or enjoying a cocktail with friends (well, that is hopefully happening today!). Maybe I put on some lipstick later but right now my body needs to stop and enjoy the peace before rushing into the new week!

I encourage you to spend some time ‘unproductively’ and allow yourself to do nothing, because only then your mind becomes productive.

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